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Evolution vs Creationism (aka Science Vs Religion)

As most of you know Religion is against evolution, and instead favors creationism. So I would like to point some obvious issue with creationism. First creationism tries to show that because the earth sits in a perfect address (aka the … Continue reading

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Shadow People – The dark figures after waking from a dream

I first heard this term a month ago, after talking to some friends about my odd experiences after waking up from dreams in a paralyzed state (this is known as Sleep paralysis). Over time the experiences have got more real … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreaming

As you may have guessed I love dreaming. I find it most enjoyable and fascinating. I love when I lucid dream as its like the matrix. In the past year I’ve read much about inducing lucid dreams and decided that … Continue reading

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Why do we dream? What are dreams?

We’ll here are some thoughts I’ve had, to what dreams are: A connection to the sensors (vision, touch, hearing and smell) of others in paralleled universes. When I say others, it could either be ourselves or someone else. A connection … Continue reading

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