Why do we dream? What are dreams?

We’ll here are some thoughts I’ve had, to what dreams are:

  1. A connection to the sensors (vision, touch, hearing and smell) of others in paralleled universes. When I say others, it could either be ourselves or someone else.
  2. A connection to another dimension, where we feel, see, hear and smell things without the need for a physical body.
  3. A way for our brain to organise all the input (vision, touch, hearing and smell) we have seen during the day, or previous days.

Facts about the above statements:

  1. The current theory from the top physicist show that parallel universes exist. Our universe is currently know as a multiverse.
  2. The current theory from the top physicist show we do live in a multi dimensional universe, currently the theory points towards 11 dimensions.
  3. Current robotic algorithms can show we need to pre-organise a large database of images to later use them for tasks such as object recognition.

I would love if people could comment their thoughts, suggestions.

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