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Evolution vs Creationism (aka Science Vs Religion)

As most of you know Religion is against evolution, and instead favors creationism. So I would like to point some obvious issue with creationism. First creationism tries to show that because the earth sits in a perfect address (aka the … Continue reading

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10 Rules of Life

”Where here for a good time, not a long time.” by Unknown “No worries.” by Unknown “What goes around, comes around.” by Unknown “Its about now, not tomorrow. But you must also plan tomorrow while enjoying today.” by Luke Cole … Continue reading

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Shadow People – The dark figures after waking from a dream

I first heard this term a month ago, after talking to some friends about my odd experiences after waking up from dreams in a paralyzed state (this is known as Sleep paralysis). Over time the experiences have got more real … Continue reading

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Getting OpenCV 1.1.0 to work with a PAL camera

diff -r –exclude=Makefile opencv-1.1.0/otherlibs/highgui/cvcap_v4l.cpp opencv-1.1.0-PAL/otherlibs/highgui/cvcap_v4l.cpp 231,232c231,234 < #define DEFAULT_V4L_WIDTH 640 < #define DEFAULT_V4L_HEIGHT 480 — > #define DEFAULT_V4L_WIDTH 704 > #define DEFAULT_V4L_HEIGHT 576 1032c1036 < // selectedChannel.norm = VIDEO_MODE_NTSC; — > selectedChannel.norm = VIDEO_MODE_PAL; Bookmark This:

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Lucid Dreaming

As you may have guessed I love dreaming. I find it most enjoyable and fascinating. I love when I lucid dream as its like the matrix. In the past year I’ve read much about inducing lucid dreams and decided that … Continue reading

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Why do we dream? What are dreams?

We’ll here are some thoughts I’ve had, to what dreams are: A connection to the sensors (vision, touch, hearing and smell) of others in paralleled universes. When I say others, it could either be ourselves or someone else. A connection … Continue reading

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