Evolution vs Creationism (aka Science Vs Religion)

As most of you know Religion is against evolution, and instead favors creationism. So I would like to point some obvious issue with creationism.

First creationism tries to show that because the earth sits in a perfect address (aka the habitable zone), has protective shields (magnetic field and atmosphere), natural cycles for life (water cycle, carbon and oxygen cycle, nitrogen cycle), and so-called perfect design of animals and humans, that it must have been designed (and to make it worse, by a figure that is more complex then all this?).

So, if God designed humans so perfect, why do we have:
* Eye sleep
* Arrector pili
* Wisdom teeth
* Coccyx
* Tonsils
* Adenoids
* Sinuses
* Male nipples
* Gall bladder
* Appendix

These are not required in the human body, and I’m sure as the years tick on, we will lose then through evolution (like the hair on our body).

Just to add to the point, if God designed the world so perfect, why is there so many different religions, each starting wars and causing a lot of the so-called Bad things!

Creationist seem to have a real issue with the fact, we were created by completely random events. Well, we live in a multivese which most mathematics and physicist will tell you is infinite. Which means we have infinite possibilities, so its kind of inevitable that the life exists, and mathematics of infinite will tell you that life in the multivese must be abundant, but due to the sheer complexity and size of the multivese its hard to see from a human eye – maybe life exists at the quantum level, and therefore all around us!

I have also learned that modern religion now consider that if you believe the world was created in 6 days you are a fundamentalist! – Wow, I it was only 25 years ago, I went to some Sundays schools (I guess Mum wanted to let me make my own mind up), and they tort the world was created in 6 days and was created by a figure that made us in the imagine of him. Well if they know believe in other planets and the chance for other life, wouldn’t you think it is rather ignorant to believe we were created by humans, when the multiverse is highly likely to be inhabited with all types of life (simply due to the sher size of the mutliverse) – Its like thinking the world is flat!

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10 Rules of Life

  1. ”Where here for a good time, not a long time.” by Unknown
  2. “No worries.” by Unknown
  3. “What goes around, comes around.” by Unknown
  4. “Its about now, not tomorrow. But you must also plan tomorrow while enjoying today.” by Luke Cole
  5. “See first, think later, otherwise ya only see what you were expecting.” by Luke Cole
  6. “Ignoreness is bliss.” by Unknown
  7. “Don’t answer a question with a question.” by Unknown
  8. “Outer sight, outer mind.” by Unknown
  9. “It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them. A year to love them and an entire lifetime to forget.” by Unknown
  10. “Do or do not, there is no try.” by Yoda
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Shadow People – The dark figures after waking from a dream

I first heard this term a month ago, after talking to some friends about my odd experiences after waking up from dreams in a paralyzed state (this is known as Sleep paralysis). Over time the experiences have got more real and more intense. Here are my experiences:

1) When I was about 22, I stayed at a house where I felt very unconformable. I woke up in a paralyzed state, feeling the presence of two figures all over me. I felt they are abusing me.

2) When I was about 26 and 27 (when I started to get into inducing lucid dreams, and as a consequence started having many lucid dreams). I woke up in a paralyzed state about 5 different times over a year period, to see a tall humanoid dark figure standing at a door way (sometimes it was my bed room door, other times it was a doorway that was not really there). I knew I was awake and in bed and couldn’t help my self from yelling at this figure. However I didn’t feel threated. My girlfriend also woke up to my yelling, some of these nights.

3) When I was 29 I had my most threating and scary experience (I’ve never felt so scared). That night I was dreaming about M-theory (string theory). In this dream I got the feeling I was on to something big (maybe the answer to universe/multi-verse?). Anyway, during the dream I was showing a friend these invisible strings. We were following these invisible strings (I could see them, as it bent the light), when the invisible strings started to wrap around me and constrict me (like a snake). It was then I woke up to a short (about 1 meter tall) humanoid figure right next to my bed (only half a meter from my face), it appear to be wearing a hood and was looking right at me (and I was looking straight back at it). My heart was racing and my breathing was extremely heavy (I’ve never been so scared or felt so threated). The figure then started to move towards me, and I saw, what appeared to be an arm/hand moving in a stabbing motion at my chest. I was trying to yell at it but was too scared, I know I was also trying to wake up my girlfriend (via yelling). When I snapped out of my paralyzed state, I woke up my girlfriend to tell her about the dream and the figure (which I now know to be a “Shadow Person”). While I was telling her the story, I could still feel/see a moving shadow (no clear figure) back and forth in the corner of my ceiling, and was asking her if she could see that – she couldn’t see anything. Another odd thing, was as I was telling the story, my father was in the spare room and woke up and started walking about the house. When I told him in the morning about what happened, I asked “why did you get up?”. He said he didn’t feel right and just felt he needed to get up and walk around. How bloody strange!

Experience (3), was so strange and scary it made me re-think my experimenting with lucid dreams. I don’t know what I’m dealing with, and that small shadow person made me feel like I was tapping into something I shouldn’t. Who knows, but the last thing I would want, is to learn something my human mind can’t handle, and as a consequence, my mind crashes (like a computer, like “Snow Crash”).

So this begs the questions: “What are Shadow People?”, “If they are real, why do they exist? why during sleep paralysis? why a humanoid figure?”, “Can I be hurt?”. Since learning the name of these phenomena, and realizing they have been witness by other people, and recorded for centuries.

I’m not religious, but I’m very opened minded. And through my research of robots, the human mind and the universe/multi-verse. I know there is more to this multi-verse, than meets the eye. Hopefully one day science will understand more on this phenomena, but until then I have the following theories:

1) A very good mind trick (from a dream like state appearing in my awaken state, aka Hypnagogic hallucination).
2) A being from another dimension (or parallel universe), and when they cross into our dimension (or universe), they appear as dark shadow’s. Steven Hawking has talked about this and its connection to dark matter – watch the youtube video.

While theory (1) is well documented, the feeling I got and how it happened, makes me think there is more to this than “hallucination”. It felt so real, not like a figure in my dreams at all. So: Why did I feel threated? Why was it looking at me? Why did it come at me? Why did it happen during a dream about M-theory?, and why did my father wake up?

Anyway, I may never know why these figures exist or not. But I do know it was the most strangest experience I’ve never had. The mind and the multi-verse is one amazing place and the more I practice and learn about lucid dreaming and our multi-verse, the more I feel connected to the reasons why this world exists, and what we maybe required to understand, in order to develop a human-like robot/brain.

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Getting OpenCV 1.1.0 to work with a PAL camera

diff -r --exclude=Makefile opencv-1.1.0/otherlibs/highgui/cvcap_v4l.cpp opencv-1.1.0-PAL/otherlibs/highgui/cvcap_v4l.cpp
< #define DEFAULT_V4L_WIDTH 640
< #define DEFAULT_V4L_HEIGHT 480
> #define DEFAULT_V4L_WIDTH 704
> #define DEFAULT_V4L_HEIGHT 576
< // selectedChannel.norm = VIDEO_MODE_NTSC;
> selectedChannel.norm = VIDEO_MODE_PAL;

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Lucid Dreaming

As you may have guessed I love dreaming. I find it most enjoyable and fascinating. I love when I lucid dream as its like the matrix. In the past year I’ve read much about inducing lucid dreams and decided that its time to start a dream journal. So I started the online dream journal available at http://www.lucidipedia.com. it seems quite good, since it each entry forces you to discuss particular features such as:

  • Was it lucid? if so, how did you know
  • What was the genre?
  • What characters were in it?
  • What dream signs were in it?

It also allows you to make your dream entry public or private. Which is great so you can read other peoples dreams and comment on them if you like.

I’ve had 2 lucid dreams this year, so lets hope I can force this to be 1 per night.

One thing that comes to mind is: I wonder if lucid dreaming is good or bad for you? If dreaming is used to organise your daily sensory inputs – then maybe when you control your dreams you damage the process organising your daily sensory inputs. However if dreaming is a way to move through the multiverse then maybe it helps you live/experience the multiverse – and hence is a great thing.

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Why do we dream? What are dreams?

We’ll here are some thoughts I’ve had, to what dreams are:

  1. A connection to the sensors (vision, touch, hearing and smell) of others in paralleled universes. When I say others, it could either be ourselves or someone else.
  2. A connection to another dimension, where we feel, see, hear and smell things without the need for a physical body.
  3. A way for our brain to organise all the input (vision, touch, hearing and smell) we have seen during the day, or previous days.

Facts about the above statements:

  1. The current theory from the top physicist show that parallel universes exist. Our universe is currently know as a multiverse.
  2. The current theory from the top physicist show we do live in a multi dimensional universe, currently the theory points towards 11 dimensions.
  3. Current robotic algorithms can show we need to pre-organise a large database of images to later use them for tasks such as object recognition.

I would love if people could comment their thoughts, suggestions.

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