Getting OpenCV 1.1.0 to work with a PAL camera

diff -r --exclude=Makefile opencv-1.1.0/otherlibs/highgui/cvcap_v4l.cpp opencv-1.1.0-PAL/otherlibs/highgui/cvcap_v4l.cpp
< #define DEFAULT_V4L_WIDTH 640
< #define DEFAULT_V4L_HEIGHT 480
> #define DEFAULT_V4L_WIDTH 704
> #define DEFAULT_V4L_HEIGHT 576
< // selectedChannel.norm = VIDEO_MODE_NTSC;
> selectedChannel.norm = VIDEO_MODE_PAL;

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2 Responses to Getting OpenCV 1.1.0 to work with a PAL camera

  1. Mukesh says:

    what is use of that code?? :( cant understand..

  2. Luke Cole says:

    Its the output of a Linux/Unix diff command. Basically it is saying you need to change the default V4L width/height to 704/576 and ensure the selectedChannel.norm is set to \PAL\.

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