Evolution vs Creationism (aka Science Vs Religion)

As most of you know Religion is against evolution, and instead favors creationism. So I would like to point some obvious issue with creationism.

First creationism tries to show that because the earth sits in a perfect address (aka the habitable zone), has protective shields (magnetic field and atmosphere), natural cycles for life (water cycle, carbon and oxygen cycle, nitrogen cycle), and so-called perfect design of animals and humans, that it must have been designed (and to make it worse, by a figure that is more complex then all this?).

So, if God designed humans so perfect, why do we have:
* Eye sleep
* Arrector pili
* Wisdom teeth
* Coccyx
* Tonsils
* Adenoids
* Sinuses
* Male nipples
* Gall bladder
* Appendix

These are not required in the human body, and I’m sure as the years tick on, we will lose then through evolution (like the hair on our body).

Just to add to the point, if God designed the world so perfect, why is there so many different religions, each starting wars and causing a lot of the so-called Bad things!

Creationist seem to have a real issue with the fact, we were created by completely random events. Well, we live in a multivese which most mathematics and physicist will tell you is infinite. Which means we have infinite possibilities, so its kind of inevitable that the life exists, and mathematics of infinite will tell you that life in the multivese must be abundant, but due to the sheer complexity and size of the multivese its hard to see from a human eye – maybe life exists at the quantum level, and therefore all around us!

I have also learned that modern religion now consider that if you believe the world was created in 6 days you are a fundamentalist! – Wow, I it was only 25 years ago, I went to some Sundays schools (I guess Mum wanted to let me make my own mind up), and they tort the world was created in 6 days and was created by a figure that made us in the imagine of him. Well if they know believe in other planets and the chance for other life, wouldn’t you think it is rather ignorant to believe we were created by humans, when the multiverse is highly likely to be inhabited with all types of life (simply due to the sher size of the mutliverse) – Its like thinking the world is flat!

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2 Responses to Evolution vs Creationism (aka Science Vs Religion)

  1. Keith says:

    The problem with man is that he reduces himself into random way of thinking, a futility of thought, because of his fallen nature. When created he was to rule over nature, but it is nature that rules man. Nature remains when men die. Nature is strong and man is weak. Because man cannot handle this state, all is viewed random and chaotic to man, but when taking on the nature of Christ and his kingdom all things are made clear and there is a future, there is understanding and order. The book of Ecclesiastes details many your concerns in great detail.

    • Luke Cole says:

      Hi Keith,

      Sorry I didn’t catch your reply earlier. In response I would have to first say your statement has nothing to do with my points – I never said man rules over nature. You only have to look at the universe we live in and its clear man is nothing! That is a fact, and I do not doubt it one bit! The religions ways in fact hint that man rules over nature – they even think go as far to say that man was created in the image of God. That statement is ridiculous, given the broad nature of the universe (or should I say multi-verse Quantum Physics tells us). I suggest you read a primary source of facts about life and everything around us, before blindly believing a secondary source of material such as Ecclesiastes. Science has explained more about our real world and existence in 100 years, then religion has be able to in 2000 years – think about it!

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