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Mobile Interactive Computer (MiC) Robot

MiC, pronounced "mick", meaning Mobile interactive Computer is Luke Cole's primary personal robot project being developed as a cheap research platform for advancements in robotics by research hobbiests. The mobile robot will be upgradable and reconfigurable using DROS as the base software and designed to fit ATX style motherboards.

Scotty Robot

Scotty, is a mobile robot being developed by the Cole family since 2006. Luke's brother (Lance Cole) is handling electronics, while their father (Shane Cole) is handling the machining. Luke is currently planning to use the robot for research interests in outdoor and large indoor workshops / factories environments.

Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM)

SLAM using various sensors individually and/or fused:

  • Mono/Stereo pan/tilt ultrasonic/IR
  • Array of fixed position ultrasonic/IR
  • Swiss ranger (or similar 2D laser range finder).
  • Vision using Luke Cole's Visual Selection Algorithm (developed at RSISE) and insect inspired automatic landmark mapping algorithm: Landmarks based on maximum grey scale intensity changes in the local minima.
  • Vision using optical flow techniques.

NOTE: The gif animation to the right shows a simulation of Luke Cole's current Adaptive Monte Carlo Localisation.

Vision using OpenCV

  • Face Identification
  • Object Recognition
  • Motion Tracking
  • 3D Modelling

Lynxmotion / LEGO© Kits

In late 2007, Luke purchased some Lynxmotion parts to easily build simple robotic platforms for various research ideas. More info and videos of Luke's lynxmotion bots asap!

Well since Luke was a kid, LEGO© was always in the house and is now becoming quite a collection. Great for quick development / research experiments.

Autonomous, Efficient, Secure, 31337 House and Network

Network security is a big issue, especially when providing services such as ssh (22) and www (80). So much effort is put into evolving this network to provide more security and performance. This involves deployment of a smart topology and security policy ensuring all machines across the network are secure and the network is tested for vulnerabilities at every level of software and hardware. The Internet is currently very noisy: exploits and brute force ssh logins are attempted on this network from the Internet many times a day, and it is expected this will only increase with time ("such is life"). So this network is treaded like an intelligent army defense unit, where every solider (machine) has the best technology and defends itself and its fellow soldiers in a 31337 fashion along with providing a extremely strong front line to help defend against the big bad Internet world. Though currently this defense unit can not defend against a packet storm (who can), so in this case the troops just weather the storm to advance their primary and personal defense weapons and get some well deserved rest and relaxation.

This research covers various topics such as:

  • Penetration Testing Linux, MAC, Windows
  • Password cracking
  • Worms, trojan horses, back doors
  • Rootkits, Buffer overflows
  • XSS/RFI/LFI and SQL injection
  • IRC/VNC/Honey Bots

Currently parts of the house can be manually controlled and monitored via the web page Labs. Though the future task is to develop autonomous software to provide an efficient and secure house via controlling door locks, lights, motion cams, proximity sensors, alarm system and robots within the house. One example is: the lighting within a room would be increased or decreased depending on visibility in the room and if anyone is in the room. Another example is: members of the house can be identified so if an intruder is detected the alarm system is tripped, and the robot (such as my Rovio) is dispatched to chase them ;) with my USB Missile Launcher (as seen below).

Electronic Circuits

  • Motor Controllers - High Voltage/Current DC Motors, Low Current DC Motors, Stepper Motors, RC Servos
  • Senor Interfaces - Vision, Opto, Ultrasonic, IR
  • Serial PIC Programmer via the Parport
  • General Computer IO Interfaces - Parport, Serial, USB
  • Power - Regulated Multi Voltage Power Supply with switchable power outputs, Simple USB +5V Power

Passive Income - Money Websites - e.g. Made for AdSense (MFA)

Entrepreneur Network Accelerating Conceptual Technology (ENACT) Co-Op

A team of differently skilled individuals with a common goal: To setup an organisation that individuals just work on what they want to do (e.g. Prototypes). Ideally marketing and business people can then take these prototypes and establish a companies.

Download Botnet

A website for all your botnet needs.

Generic Web Site Modules: phpSite (Old)

phpSite provides a framework for real webmasters to seriously create/edit/manage powerful, flexiable and modulated web sites extremely easy using their favoured text/html editor (or a browser). phpSite has many modules already included in the package, such as: authorisation, file management and shop tools.

LowZo: Purchase Engine (Old)

LowZo provides a web site for products, services and organisations to be maintained by you for you. Using e-commence and automation to maintain convenience and consistency in customer service. Using phpSite shop module.

USB Missile Launcher Linux Driver (Old)

A C implemenation of a user space Linux driver to control the the USB Missile Launcher via the command line or keyboard.

Parallel Port PWM/Encoder Linux Driver (Old)

The parallel port PWM and/or encoder kernel space Linux driver allows open/closed loop control of motors using the parallel port.

Developed to provide a very cheap alternative for motor control, which is awesome news for the robotic hobbyist., wishing to control high powered motors cheaply.

Number 2 Robot (Very old project)

Number 2 was a remote controlled mobile robot with two way voice communication. Number 2 was the second robot Luke Cole designed and built at the 13 years old. [ Luke's first robot at 11 years of age: Robot Bob ]


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