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Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering (RSISE)

Nomad XR-4000 Mobile Robot

The Nomad XR-4000 robot is from an old company, Nomadic, which is no longer. Luke Cole, at RSISE, has made hardware upgrades (in-particular improved electronics and numerous vision systems) and has kept the robot operational since 2000 to the current day. Luke also uses this robot for localisation research (in-particular visual), using for example the, Active Mirror Vision System above (2005). The robot has been the primary test platform for most of the DROS development with laser and vision being the primary sensors.

CeDAR Vision System

General maintence and entire mechanical assembly and wiring of a total of four CeDAR vision systems.

Smart Car

Design, mechanical 3D modeling and assembly of braking mechanism (2000). Mounting and wiring of numerous sensors and computer processing equipment (2000). Luke was one of two technicians developing and maintaining this research platform during 2000 to 2003.

Kambara Submersible Robot

During Luke Cole's high school holidays of 1998 and 1999 he designed and implemented: a thruster testing unit, leak detection circuit and a remote power supply. During Luke's employment at RSISE during 2000 to 2003, he was one of two general technicians maintaining the research platform, and implementation reliability upgrades, such as leaks and the power supply system.

The Workshop

RSISE Workshop - Electronics RSISE Workshop - Mechanical

Luke Cole setup the RSISE workshop to maintain RSISE's robots and to perform various technical tasks.


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