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This site is the home page of Luke Scott Cole (Bachelor of Engineering with honours in Mechatronics, Bachelor of Information Technology with honours in Software Engineering).

Luke Cole is a scientist, systems engineer, roboticist, with great broad experience and skills in mechatronics and software engineer, that loves to play with robots, Linux, software, electronics, computer networks/security, penetration testing and web development.

Luke Cole also has a good handle of cosmology, historiography, and the multi-disciplinary field of analytical psychology, that contains Luke's other special interests of biology and philosophy.

Luke Cole did 2 unit, 3 unit, 4 unit mathematics with Geordie Williamson (FRS, FAA) at Chevalier College in Borwal, NSW. In 1999 - Luke acheived 2nd place behind Geordie in 4 units mathematics, and ranked 658th position in the entire state NSW (top 9% in the state with a mark of 96%). Also received Young Scientist Award in year 10 (1997) sponsored by The Sydney Morning Herald and the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. And a distinction for a TAFE Certificate I in Electronics Technology at Wollongong University during year 11 and year 12. Had to drive about 1hr each way weekly from home town Southen Highlands. Luke later when on to do a double degree at Australian National University (ANU) in Mechatronics Engineering and Software Engineering, while continuing to work at the "Robotics System Lab" at the ANU, as their "go-to-man" workshop monkey for electronics, mechanics and software projects.

Luke Cole was hired by pioneers of robotics and computer vision such as Alex Zelinsky (AO, FAA, FTSE, FRSN), and Richard Hartley (FAA), among others from the age of 17 years old in 1998, for 10 years, within leading bodies such as "Robotics Systems Lab" at ANU, Seeing Machines, NICTA (now called CSIRO Data61), and CSIRO. He later when on to work for leading organisations such as Hemisphere GPS (formerly BEELINE, and now acquired by AgJunction). He was also a member of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Engineering Course Advisory Group. The founder of COLETEK PTY LTD, a professional technologies business. The primary developer of a NICTA project: The InsectBot robot. He was also a primary developer of DROS, a robotic software library. The new leading maintainer of PICPrg, a Linux PIC microprocessor programmer. The developer of websites such as Revbook, a social car sales website, LowZo the "Purchase Engine". And much much more....

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Personal Note From Luke Cole

If your in the robotics field, I don't blame you - robotics is the ultimate engineering task, however I would also say it is the ultimate scientific challenge! Robots, of various types exist within the world today and more organisations are joining the field each year. I remember when I was younger thinking a VCR was pretty cool, but a walking and talking VCR, now that's COOL. I guess that's why I find robotics so interesting, along with the fact it's the greatest type of technology around, since it involves electronics, mechanics, software, computing and the challenge of understanding the great unknowns of life.

Do you watch nature shows? Well I tell you, the more I understand the way the world works, the more I understand how to build robots. Like animals, robots need sensors to understand the world. So the more researchers understand animals and the environment, the more researchers learn how to develop robots. An interesting thought about this is: the more discovered from robotics research the more we understand animals, humans and the environment, which in a sense is life. The answer to understanding life is one of those fundamental questions like "Why are we here?, What is our purpose?", which humans have tried to answer since our existence, which makes robotics research so fascinating.

While trying to answer those fundamental questions, such as "Why are we here?", "Who are we?" and "How does this world work?", is extremely fascinating, I believe there is more to life then just trying to understanding it. I believe there is something to be said about the statement "Ignorance is bliss". A simple example is: as humans the more we learn how to make our life easier, it is usually at the cost of our planet. However, I bring this statement up because as individuals, some of us work ourselfs at the cost of our health and life experience. It is clear our health is most important in our life, so there should be a balance of work and pleasure in our life, if not more pleasure. Please understand the term 'pleasure' here does not mean sitting down doing nothing (e.g. watching tv). Instead it should be thought of as doing an activity that brings a smile to your face (e.g. traveling, swimming, fishing, etc). While some work can be a pleasure, excess of anything is bad, including pleasure. This is because an excess of anything develops into addiction, which is what makes an excess of anything bad. Currently scientists now believe the core addiction for humans is pleasure addiction, because (in simple terms) what we are addicted too gives us pleasure.

Getting to my point: ignoring our work and these fundamental questions during our lives, or at certain times, or to some level within our lives, can greatly benefit our health and life experience, and you never know that maybe the true and only way to understanding life.

- Embrace and Enjoy Life -
"There is no point knowing anything, if you have never experienced anything.
If you have never experienced anything, you have never lived.
If you have not lived, you know everything." THINK ABOUT IT

2013 - "Get Tha Net!" - Tha family is eating good tonight!

What a catch! Only had 6 live bait (a mate caught with the cast net), 3 rods (2 of them broken), no tackle, raining and windy as. After losing two of the live bait, and losing all the tackle from of the 2 rods (my mate almost drowned trying to get his tackle back - all his clothes and phone got very wet) - I caught the biggest flat head seen on the coast (63cm), with the last broken rod. Good day at the office!

2016 - Nine News TV-first on "Cracking a volunteers house wireless internet"

2017 - Talk on "Robotics in Road Construction" at the Melbourne Convention Centre, and AAPA/AFPA national tour

2022 - COLETEK's First Product to help the world issues - Biogas Digester

After decades of building prototypes/products for clients. We are starting to develop prototypes/products for us.

So please welcome COLETEK's first of many products to help the world's issues - it's a biogas digestor with minimal/zero electronics. It will take your organic waste and turn it into energy. Input items like food waste, manure, grass clippings, paper, etc. The output is biogas and liquid fertilizer. It has now completed the R&D process, has been trialed across Australia, and is now ready for sale.

For more info see the below link that discusses biogas, our solution (including how it can replace your septic tank), and a good discussion about the climate change debate, renewable energy debate, and why we can predict a distant global future with more likelihood than prediction/control of weather over the next 7 days.

Please visit

2023 - COLETEK's Second Product to help the world issues - Clean Earth Bot

Please welcome COLETEK's second product to help the world's issues - a self-driving wheelbarrow that can be used for many applications accoss various domains, allowing a wider market to drive sales and development of the Clean Earth Bot. Clean Earth Bot collects manure via a robot, then takes it to a onsite local digester for processing that produces organic fertiliser for the robot to collect and spread back through the paddocks.

For more info see the below link:

Please visit


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