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Internal User Info ( network)


  • Incoming Server:
  • Incoming Server Types:
    • IMAP over SSL: port <port>
  • Outgoing Server: Ask your ISP
  • Web-based Email Clients:
  • Recommended Email Client: Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Email Files Location: first "ssh -p <port>", then "ssh mail", then visit mail:/home/username/Maildir

NOTE: Don't use any phuckin Microsoft email clients, e.g. Outlook Express, a.k.a. Virus Express

Home Page

To edit your home page, simply update the web page files located in your public_html directory (Within, visit web:/home/username/public_html).

Accessing your Files

NOTE: If your using Windows download a ssh client (e.g. PuTTY, Cygwin) and connect to on port <port> or simply run the following command:
localhost:~>ssh -p <port>

If you fail to login correctly after an amount of attempts your IP will be block for some amount of time. Please contact Luke Cole if this happens or you have forgot your password.

Changing your Password

Now that LDAP has been removed (since it's too much overhead) your passwords are depended on each machine. For example, to change your file server passwd do:
localhost:~>ssh -p <port>>passwd
To change your mail server passwd (and hence changing your mail login) do:
localhost:~>ssh -p <port>>ssh mail
To change your web server passwd do:
localhost:~>ssh -p <port>>ssh web

Example Commands for scp/rsync over our SSL Port <port>

localhost:~>scp -P <port> data
localhost:~>rsync -truv -e "ssh -p <port>" data


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