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Hemisphere GPS (HGPS)

This page outlines just some of the major projects Luke Cole has done or working on.

Tractor Automation using an Electric Steering Wheel

This project integrates an electric steering wheel with Outback eDriveX and Outback S3 instead of controlling the tractor hydraulics (via a Sauer Danfos Plus One). The video to the right shows this working with a real hardware, however simulating GPS and DMU (with noise added). Current real-world results shows no performance reduction compared to controlling tractor hydraulics.

Fully Autonomous Agriculture Tractor - aka "One Touch"

Full Autonomous Agriculture Tractor - aka One Touch Full Autonomous Agriculture Tractor - aka One Touch

This project controls tractor speed and implement hitch using Outback eDriveX and Outback S3. When a boundary is in range, the tractor will slow down, raise the implement hitch, then perform the turn. After the turn is complete the tractor speeds up and lowers implement hitch. The video to the right shows this in progress from inside and outside the tractor for a rip-skip pattern.

Outdoor Visual Localisation for Tractor Navigation in GPS-Denied Areas

Autonomouse Quad Bike for Visual Localisation Visual Localisation

This project is using vision-based localisation to determine the location of a platform (ideally for a tractor, however used on a quad bike for these experiemnts). This is a requirement for GPS poor or denied areas.

MFWD Tractor Customisation

This project was aimed at re-designing our tractor console layout for research, development and testing requirements.


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