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Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Video Conferencing AirHockey Game: AirHockey over a Distance

Mechanical 3D modelling, electrical wiring and assembly of the puck firing mechanism (a.k.a. puck cannons) and puck detection mechanism, along with general technical support for entire system (2005). Support during full system demo's at CeNTIE 2005 (half day) and CeBIT 2006 (3 days). Pubications on the research of this project can be found on Luke's publication page.

weSqueeze - Are you thinking about your partner?

CSIRO weSqueeze CSIRO weSqueeze

This device records how many times you squeeze it. The research was designed for as an electronic method of thinking of your partner. If your thinking of your partner, squeeze. Many devices where made and handed to couples for research on social devices.


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