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Luke Scott Cole (Nickname: Cole. Handle: BluEy or c01e) and called by some as "loco", "locc", "Great Scott" or the acronym "S.C.O.T.". Luke Scott Cole is a young proud Australian noble lad, born in Bowral, NSW, country Australia - home to some well known figures such as Sir Don Bradman (aka The Don), Jimmy Barnes, and the notorious Ivan Milat. Luke Cole love's having fun and learning about life. He tries to experience as much as possible from traveling to new places, meeting new people and learning new things.

Luke Cole comes from a family of tech-heads with very humble beginnings in South West Sydney such as Southern Highlands, Moss Vale, and Wollongong, NSW. Luke built his first 100% custom robot at age 11, and second mobile robot at age 13. The Cole family crest motto is "Persevere". His grandfathers (both coal miners and war vets) retried to play with tech. Before high school - one of their grandfathers (Ken Clark - RIP) taught him fitting and turning, and the other grandfather (Ken Cole - RIP) taught him electronics (soldering, troubleshooting, PCB rework) and computers (Commodore 64, Amiga 500). Before high school - his father (Shane Cole) let his two sons use nail guns to build a two story cubby house between two trees, and showed them how to draft building plans, and use various power and air tools. Luke was very keen and skilled at mathematics at high school, coming 1st in 4 unit maths (Geordie Williamson came 2nd, and went on to be the youngest living Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 2018 at age 36). Luke's father has a background in hardware as a brilliant craftsman and automotive mechanic, before completing a Diploma in IT after studying UNIX computer systems. Luke's brother (Lance Cole), has a background of various hardware development, such as working for a contract company to the US military (EOS), building the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS), and robotics research and development at the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering at the Australian National University. Their mum (Chris Cole) worked very hard to put Luke through good schooling, so that his dreams could come true. Their mum also found a newspaper about the Robotics Systems Lab in ACT, and after writting a letter to Alex Zelinsky (AO). Luke (age 16), was invited to the Robotics Systems Lab for an interview to show his skills and experience. Luke was then hired! The rest is history. Love you Mum!

Since Luke Cole was little, he loved technology he seen in books, tv and movies. By the age of 12, Luke Cole knew he loved robots since it evolved two of his greatest interests: Technology and the answer to "What is life?". How could you not find "Terminator" and "Short Circuit" cool?, he would say. Luke Cole built his first tethered mobile robot at the age of 11, followed by a radio control mobile robot at the age of 13. During those early years, he was well known by the local Dicksmith and Tandy stores for building electronic circuits. And was also kicked off some local ISP for hacking.

During high school holidays he was recruited by Alex Zelinksy to work in Robotics Systems Lab at the Australian National University, to assist PhD students and Fellow's with their robotics research. This continued into his university years, and between 2000 and 2013 worked for well-known Australian robotics organisations and research institutes, such as Hemisphere GPS (formerly BEELINE, and now acquired by AgJunction), NICTA (now called CSIRO Data61), CSIRO, and Seeing Machines. He now works for himself as the director of COLETEK PTY LTD on the Gold Coast, and has two lovely kids and very supportive partner.

Luke Cole also enjoy's hacking things, such as computers, software, hardware or even the human brain. The human brain you say? Yes we'll as you know there is a lot we don't know about our brain, but Luke Cole believes our brain is similar to a computer and like computers, they have vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Do you lucid dream? Well you could say that is a form of brain hacking.

Anyway, enjoy the site, but more importantly enjoy life.


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